Standard Size
Single $2.50
Half Dozen $15 
One Dozen $30
Jumbo size
Single $3
Half Dozen $18
Jumbo Dozen $36
MINI cupcakes $15 Minimum 1-dozen

$3 Extra  for Huckleberries for dozen of cupcakes 

$5 extra for filled  cupcakes 

Sugar Cookies
Half Dozen $15
One Dozen $33
Monster Cookie 13" $30
Gluten Free Products ~
$3.00 additional charge per recipe/flavor

Custom Toppers $5 and up

*Cake Wrapper,Cupcake Wrappers,

 and Cake Toppers.

Cake prices vary on design and Serving Size, starting at four dollars Per Serving.Please ask for details/Questions.
$1 per mile 
Set Up
$10 and up
Tier Rental
 $20 refundable deposit


$1.50 ~12" Balloons 

$4 and up for Mylar balloons 

Birthday Parties
Start's at $250 minimum Including:
-8 Guests
-8 Party Bags
-6" Triple Layer Cake for the Birthday Kiddo
-24 Cupcakes
-Frosting/Fondant/Sprinkles/ Melting Chocolate
-Balloons (5)

-Barn yard Rental

-Port-A-Potty Rental
*Additional Guests are $20 each limit to 15

Cake Push Pop 


* Minimum Half Dozen 

*6% sales tax will be added

*Cancellation Policy:All orders must be Pre-Paid within the first 24 hours.Within in the first 24 hours, 100% of the order will be refunded. No refunds will be given  after 24 hours of payment 

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