TomandJenn Kenefick

I have nothing but great things to say about The Cupcake Baker....aka Monica. I have told so many people about her AMAZING products. The gluten free isn't tasteless (like a lot of others are), the gluten free has so much flavor you would swear they were not gluten free, but they are.... Her cupcakes and cakes are so moist and flavorful. Not to mention her to-die-for sugar cookies She is so sweet and accommodating, I asked her if she had extra cupcakes around, because sometimes she over bakes, sadly she didn't. BUT she surprised me and said she can whip them up, and she had them ready in no time. Wow. She is the best. Wish I could give her 10 stars My husband summed it up best. She is to cupcakes, what Baskin Robbins is to ice cream. You don't mind paying a little extra when they are that wonderful.

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